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The Barn

The Barn - A beautiful rustic barn, ready to accommodate all manor of activities. 75' x 36' of open space for dancing, eating and socializing. One possible configuration is as a movie theater with a 16' x 10' screen, HD projection and a 2000 Watt audio system!

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The Stage

The Stage - Ready for the show! 24' x 24' and 8' in the air, it looks out over a beautiful grass venue in the woods. Built into the end of the barn it suits the rustic feel of the property, lit up with colored lights and lasers it razzle dazzles!

LibertyTreeFourthofJuly20154 IMG20150705094517

Hiking - Beautifully groomed private trails accented with benches and sitting areas meander through ten acres of woods. There are also 250 acres of public nature conservancy that includes historic Maiden Rock and incredible views of the Mississippi River from the bluffs, just 5 min walk away.

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Camping - With hike-in spaces tucked into the woods as well as large open areas, there is room for everyone. All of the campsites are primitive but just a short walk away from venue facilities. The 6' fire ring located in the venue will provide you and your friends a warm place to gather into the night.

Parking and Restrooms - With room for 250-plus vehicles you know there will be room to invite your friends. Fresh and clean portable restrooms are accompanied by indoor styled amenities. Facilities can be customized to fit the needs of any occasion.

Parking and Restrooms